Director of Services and Programs

Washington, District of Columbia, United States


Organizational Overview

Leadership Roundtable is a responsive and innovative partner to Catholic leaders in the areas of management and leadership development. We provide custom support to implement comprehensive managerial best practices, while also supporting the development of current and future leaders. We do this so that the Church and Catholic entities can more effectively serve and amplify their mission.

Leadership Roundtable Mission

Leadership Roundtable promotes best practices and accountability in the management, finances, communications, and human resources development of the Catholic Church in the U.S., including greater incorporation of the expertise of the laity.

Position Overview

The purpose of this position is to provide high caliber, credible, and proven responses to the needs of the Church in the United States. This person uses their broad, deep, and successful experience, high-level professional expertise, education, training and personal formation to direct, resource and deliver Leadership Roundtable programs, services, models, consulting, and innovation to further the mission of Leadership Roundtable in service of the Catholic Church.

Strategic Management

Program and Services Delivery

Client Relationships

Read the Signs of the Times

Develop New Responses to the Needs of the Church



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